PRACH Preamble Generation

The PRACH is time and frequency-multiplexed with PUSCH and PUCCH, PRACH time-frequency resources are semi-statically allocated within the PUSCH region, and repeat periodically. The PRACH occupies 6 PRBs in the frequency domain and in time domain occupy 1, 2 or 3 sub frames, depending on the specific preamble format. The preamble is a burst, which consists of a Tcp (cyclic

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LTE Cell Search Procedure

there are Two relevant cell search procedures exist in LTE:
Initial synchronization;
and New cell identification.
In both scenarios, the synchronization procedure makes use of two specially designed physical signals which are broadcast in each cell: the Primary Synchronization Signal (PSS), and the Secondary Synchronization Signal (SSS).

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LTE Accessibility Procedure

The LTE Accessibility is described in following Steps:
initially the UE is OFF.

Once the UE is powered ON.
the first step is Cell Search Procedure.
then Reception of System Information message from the Network.
followed by PLMN selection;
then the UE select a cell to camp on.

in this stage the UE can Access to the network by a Random Access and initial attach procedures.

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LTE Downlink Power Calculation

The CRC power is indicated by the energy per resource element, and is determined by the Reference signal power parameter.
The Reference signal power parameter specifies the reference signal (RS) power output by a remote radio unit (RRU).
in PDSCH power setting, OFDM symbols in one timeslot can be classified into 2 types: type A symbols and type B symbols.
Type A: PDSCH resource elements where not in the same symbol as Reference signal resource element.
Type B: PDSCH resource elements in the same symbol as Reference signal resource element.

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